Life on Board

We would like to welcome you on board and wish you a wonderful holiday. Caferoğlu yachting representative will visit you before you sail to give information about your trip and advice on how to make the most of your time on board. We would also like to bring to your attention the following important information.

DINGHY : Each boat is equipped with a tender (dinghy). This is used to secure the boat and for safety and insurance reasons may be operated by a member of the crew.

Do not dive off the boat whilst the engine is running. The captain may have to move the boat and may not be able to see you.For your own safety, wait until the engine has been switched off and the swimming ladder is in place.

If you areinterested in fishing,you can ask for fishing equipment,and whenever the boat is stopped you can start catching fish. GOODLUCK.

DRINKS : can be bought using vouchers. At the end of each day, you will be asked to sign a list detailing the drinks you have consumed that day. Please make sure you check the daily total carefully before signing to prevent problems at the end of the cruise, when you will be asked to settle your bill. A price list is displayed in the bar.

FRESH WATER AND SHOWERS : The boat carries tanks of fresh water which are replenished at regular intervals and wherever possible however, to avoid a water shortage, please be economical. On most boats, water is heated by the boat’s engine.It is hotest after the engine has been running and remains hot for several hours. On boats fitted with a gas heater, just ask one of the crew to switch on the system when you require hot water. On some boats the shower hose in bathrooms is also the hand basin tap. Most boats have a shower on deck for using after swimming.

ITINERARY : Very occasionally, due to unforeseen circumstances such as weather or passenger /boat safety, your itinerary may have to be changed. When this does occure, please remember that the captain’s decision is final.

LIFE JACKETS : You will find life jackets in your cabin under your bed.

LIGHTS & ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENTS : please turn off lights and electronical equipments when leaving your cabin- this will save the boat’s batteries and won’t attract mosquitos.

MEALS : are served on the ‘aft’ deck (at the back of the boat). Mealtimes will vary according to your schedule-in any case, the captain will let you know when it’s time to eat, or you will smell it yourself.

NOISE: A boat is a small place.When you are in your cabins,saloon or deck please do not make any noise,because other passangers might be a sleep or relaxing.

ON DECK: Make sure you secure all belongings on deck, since the wind can be strong and gusty. The crew cannot be held responsible for items blown overboard.

PORTHOLES: Close the portholes in your cabin while the boat is on the way, to prevent from spray wetting bedding.

SHOES: While on board, please do not wear any outdoor footwear except for soft soled deck-type shoes. A sound pair of sports shoes will be useful for trips on shore.

Smoking is only permitted on deck areas -for your own safety, Please Do Not smoke in cabins and please take note of the fire safety instructions in your cabin.

TEA AND COFFEE: Unlimited Turkish tea served at breakfast and in afternoon. One complimentary cup of coffee is served after meals.

TIPS: It is customary in the yacht world to tip the crew at the end of a cruise. If you are happy with the service you have received, Please hand your tip to the captain and the money will be shared equally among the crew.

Toilets are flushed by a button placed on the wall behind the toilets. To flush the toilet press the button 5 seconds.Pressing the button more than 5 seconds may broke the toilets electric motor and you won’t be able to use it till the end of the cruise. (It may take some practice! The crew can always help out if you have a problem).Please put all toilet paper into the waste bin next to the toilet, otherwise the narrow pipes will block. The bin will be emptied daily by the crew.

INSURANCE: Our boat is fully insured by a reliable insurance company.

WATERSPORTS: For safety sake, please tell someone before you go and stay within sight of the boat: this way,you won’t be get into difficulties, it will be easier to assist you.

Finally we want to get the maximum enjoyment possible from your cruise, so if you have a question about the gulet or a special request, or if you require assistance in any way, please do not hesitate to speak to captain.